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SEE THE ACT Magazine - Chapter Two - Demons' Play "VOID"

SEE THE ACT Magazine - Chapter Two - Demons' Play "VOID"

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See The ACT Creative Studios present The Eighth Issue of SEE THE ACT Magazine, published under the title  
Technology, the city, connection, online, offline. The abundance and the lack of communication. Chaos, order!

One million encounters, still alone. Loneliness, sex partners.
Fruitful, imagination, sterile ,environment. Rituals, cult, prayers and spells.
Drive you crazy.

The individuals exist in an alternative place, a mental institution ! Or a deserted house? The city offers everything, you can choose where you want to be.
The dark side of it all is the search for individuality while simultaneously belonging to a group, to a cult, a sea of people that share the same interest.
The story starts with the woman, in a small town ,dreaming of a bigger life, leaves her village on a ferry to reach the city, where she gets lost trying to figure it all out. Captured on film.
A vision by Wassim Fakhoury
Photographed on film and Iphone
Produced by Sami Semaan / SEE THE ACT

All content exclusively created by See The ACT creative studios

Enjoy the experience and will see you in the next Chapter.

 ISSN 2563-0652

ISBN: 9772563065000
Key title: ACT (Print)
Variant title: Art, culture and talent
Cover size closed : 33 cm x 24 cm
Number of pages : 132 Approximate weight: 0.5 Kg
High quality offset printing
Cover: Edixion Offset 300gsm, text: Edixion Offset 120 gsm.
Printed in the UK
Ships World Wide from USA/UK
Official Release 2-2-2024
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ACT magazine (Art, Culture, Talent) is an independent, Biannual Print magazine, founded in Toronto 2020 and based in New York City. We aim to be a destination to satisfy your aesthetic hunger and a place to showcase unique, creative people and artists of all kinds.

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