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ACT Magazine - Issue Number 3 - March 2021

ACT Magazine - Issue Number 3 - March 2021

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See The ACT Creative Studios present the third issue of ACT Magazine, published under the title  “White Noise” featuring the Lebanese artist 𝐙𝐞𝐢𝐧𝐚 𝐌𝐚𝐤𝐤𝐢 

Come and look up closely through the peephole, can you see her dancing!
Approach the wheel of luck and turn it around see where it stops.
This kaleidoscope, can you see all the faces going around shaping forms!
Do you want them to read your cards! do you believe in magic she asked, holding my hand.
Don’t fall into the spiral we might never find you.
As we drove the car away, I looked around and saw her in the middle of a big tent, fire has started, thought it was the end.
ISSN 2563-0652
ISBN: 9772563065000
Key title: ACT (Print)
Variant title: Art, culture and talent
Cover size closed : 24 cm x 33 cm
Number of pages : 140 pages
High quality offset printing
Printed in the UK
Ships World Wide 
2 covers published


A vision by Wassim Fakhoury, Editor in chief and visual director

ACT magazine (Art, Culture, Talent) is an independent, Triannual Print magazine, founded in 2020 and based in Toronto. We aim to be a destination to satisfy your aesthetic hunger and a place to showcase unique, creative people and artists of all kinds.

The title of the third ACT is “White Noise”, the theme of this issue in itself. Get up close & personal In 134+ pages of beautiful design, editorials and interviews; be inspired and energized by our world, the World of ACT, full of color, opulence, fashion and positivity. issue no. 3 considers a future in which nothing can be taken for granted and a past that must be worshipped.

See The ACT Creative studios produces 100% of its content/editorials. act studios capabilities range from strategy to creation: cinematic, stylized and thoughtful film & photography, derived from an original understanding of culture; strategy, conception, direction, create, capture, post production.

ACT Merchandise will do it's best to ship copies ASAP, The estimated time for fulfillment and delivery is between 5-15 working days + any unforseen delay from Covid and Brexit. 

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