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ACT Magazine - Issue Number 4 - November 2021

ACT Magazine - Issue Number 4 - November 2021

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See The ACT Creative Studios present The Fourth Issue of ACT Magazine, published under the title  “Crossover” featuring Rima Fakih Slaiby 

As we watch the world unfold, coming to a certain end in front of our eyes; as we witness the apocalypse and we watch the change happening, a new world is building up and piling into new heights to reach the sky and beyond.

To evacuate this planet one day is sooner that we thought. Maybe!

We need a leader, a role model. Someone to guide us into the future, to hold our hands into the light.

The dawn is upon us, the sun has risen and is fading . We need a new beginning and a new chapter in a completely new book. As we watch the sunset, we remember our past and we seek a better future.

The past can not be forgotten, but we dream of a better life, and maybe a new better world in which we can exist just to take one full breath and raise our children; to guide them into the unknown and to march forward.

As we venture on spaceships in the search of a new world on which we land and unpack , we need this leader.

Women; the source of all lives, the embodiment and reflection of God.

The body , the soul and the culture. Our leader.

The crossover can not happen without a queen leading generations to come.

Welcome to the ACT.

ISSN 2563-0652
ISBN: 9772563065000
Key title: ACT (Print)
Variant title: Art, culture and talent
Cover size closed : 24 cm x 33 cm
Number of pages : 200+ pages + A1 Poster inside
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A vision by Wassim Fakhoury, Editor in chief and visual director
ACT magazine (Art, Culture, Talent) is an independent, Biannual Print magazine, founded in 2020 and based in Toronto. We aim to be a destination to satisfy your aesthetic hunger and a place to showcase unique, creative people and artists of all kinds.
See The ACT Creative studios produces 100% of its content/editorials. act studios capabilities range from strategy to creation: cinematic, stylized and thoughtful film & photography, derived from an original understanding of culture; strategy, conception, direction, create, capture, post production.
ACT Merchandise will do it's best to ship copies ASAP, The estimated time for fulfillment and delivery is between 2-15 working days + any unforeseen delay from Covid and Brexit. 
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